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swimming pool floor mat
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swimming pool floor mat

1. Specialties,The products is anti-skid, beautiful, easy to install and wash, can endure heavy wight and protect the floor, it also could beautify the environment.
2. Product Properties
This product is high quality anti-skid mat . It has high temperature resistance and cold resistance, and can be normally applied under temperatures from  +60°C to -30 °C .Anti-skid function: with good anti-skid function. It can well prevent slipping accidents, and it can also perform sole massage funtion.
3 Products Specification:  30*30cm
4 Product Application:  Sauna, swimming pool, washing room, balcony, play ground, workship, bar counter, bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and other facilities with dewatering designs.
5 Cleaning Method: Directly washed with water or use some suitable neutral cleansers to clean it.
6 Installation Method: Directly laid on the floor.