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Patchwork Of Coil Mat Printed With Dolphins
Patchwork Of Coil Mat Printed With Dolphins
Coil mats can be printed with different words
Embossed with different patterns, or logo show customers
en relieve con diferentes patrones, o espectaculo logotipo clientes

1) This kind of mat can absorbs noise and hardly make noise when you step on it.

2) Affordable, this kind of coil mat is one of the most economical flats products that have been installed.

3) The insulating properties of the carpet can provide extra comforting warmth underfoot during cold seasons.

4) The carpet is anti slip and can provide a cushion to prevent breakage when delicate items accidentally dropped.

5) Most synthetic carpets are treated with static resistant treatment, stains and dirt, which makes them easy to clean and maintain

6) Environmental

7) Beautiful, soft colors

8) Durable, stain resistant

Reasons for its gaining popularity:
1. environment friendly material and non-toxic
2. anti-slip backing, for security reasons
3. Many types of designs give a nice sense view.
4. OEM order is welcome
5.Packaging and design are available