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Cotton place mat for home use
Cotton place mat for home use
1 Oil-Proof,fire resistant, environment protective 
2 pass LFGB test 
3 easy to clean

Cotton place mat for home use

1.For safety hazards investigation of the kitchen with a lid to develop a good habit of drinking cups . So as not to skew the result of spreading out the hot water . With a fixed table mats instead of tablecloths, tablecloths to prevent others do not accidentally pull the corner , things on the table or burns others injured . Do not put thermos bottle , teapot such things on the table edge . Rice cookers, microwave ovens and other electrical wires or dragging on the ground as much as possible not to ride in the table. Garbage bag on a hidden place , even plastic bags to be packed .

2.Conduct investigation and security risks to the bathroom toilet, bathroom door should be opened from the outside , to prevent children themselves locked herself inside. Disinfectant, detergent, bleach , cosmetics , razor , soap, shower gel , etc. should be locked in the closet. Bathroom appliances such as shavers, hair dryers , etc., be sure to unplug the power runs out bathroom wires and sockets to be concealed .

3.The entire house for safety hazards investigation of the whole house cleaners commonly used for blanket search those small , difficult to detect clean out of small things , such as coins , pins , beads , buttons and so on. Floor waxing to avoid not stumble . TV , DVD player and other relatively heavy appliances, to stay away from the table, bookshelves best to fix the wall . Zhuojiao , coffee table edges and other such furniture edges , pointed arc angle of installation of protective pads to avoid stabbed someone else. Table ( especially low coffee table ) Do not put hot water, or a knife , scissors, bottles, lighters and other dangerous items . Do not toxic , barbed plants.
4.for the entire courtyard for safety hazards investigation of the entire courtyard big investigation to conduct a safety hazard , look , what are family safety problems . Family is a cell , a large investigation of family security risks are responsible for their own socially responsible while , I suggest that you immediately take action together to create a harmonious home to make its due contribution.