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Take one travel yoga mat to travel
Travel yoga mat makes your travel more interesting and meaningful.

Nowadays weve become more modern, weve been living indoors, we are spending time in the last few decades with a lot of technology and cities. The survey found that we are prevented from getting outside is mainly because of the weather-too hot, cold or rainy, and a busy lifestyle with not enough time to go outdoors.It is said that nature deficit disorder is a public health issue, and negative health effects include a higher risk for obesity, cancer, heart disease, anxiety and depression, while it is said a short amount of time spent outside can have a positive effect on your body.

Yoga, as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline can be a great beneficial activity for us to practice outdoor which can have a positive effect on our health. And yoga is very easy to realize with whole-body relaxation, you just need one piece of travel yoga mat, then walk out your house and find a pleasing place, yoga then start. Before you buy a travel yoga mat, the following factors needs your consideration,

1) Never use toxic travel yoga mat, like some PVC yoga mat which includes toxic plastic, it is harmful to our health.

2) Choose light travel yoga mat. Light travel yoga mat with mat bags can help you have a easy and relaxed outdoor travel.

3) A fun mat can add extra pleasure to your outdoor travel.