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How to get table place mat ready?
A nice table place mat can bring interests to table and activate your appetite.

Table place mat are used for formal occasions, or simply to cover a table. Traditional tables were set with table place mat made from damask or heavy white linen, but today there are more options. Choose table place mat that matchs the décor of your house, or the event you are celebrating.

Measure your table. Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your table, or the diameter if you have a round table. Write down the measurements so you can take them with you when you shop for linens.

Measure the height of your table as well. If you are setting your table for a buffet, you will want the tablecloth to drop to the floor. If you are setting your table for a sit-down dinner, the cloth should drop 8 to 18 inches (20.32 to 45.72 cm) from the table.

Decide if you want a formal table or an informal table. The formality of your table place mats will depend on whether you are planning a special event, or if your table place mats are for every day. For formal occasions, the napkins and other linens should always match the tablecloth. For an informal table, you can feel free to mix and match several colors or different patterns.

Gather paint and pattern swatches. Matching your table place mat to the décor of the room keeps everything tasteful and flowing. Get a paint sample from your walls, or swatches from your furniture so you can match the colors and patterns appropriately while you shop.

Choose a fabric. Linens can be heavy and traditional, in fabrics such as damask, or in more durable cotton and polyester blends. For special events, you can also find them in satin, organza, and taffeta.

Shop and compare. The best way to choose table place mats is to take a look at several different varieties. Grab your paint samples and swatches and start comparing different brands, fabrics, and colors. Talk to designers and sales associates about the event you are planning or the type of home you have, and get some expert help on selecting the best mats for your table.